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Caroline AreskogJones' practice is grounded in drawing as action and speculative enquiry, with an interest in articulating something unsaid.

Reflecting archeological  processes of contingent searching,

of " field work", a series gathers through a contingent shift back and forth, folding, unfolding, enfolding, listening,  emerging and pausing. Absorbing elements of research whilst working with transformative materials , the resulting responses are an attempt to offer

a  'perforated space' of fragile ambiguity, increasingly drawing on the language of ecology, deep rooted as a point of connection.

Making as feeling, looking as being. 

The relational dialogue between what forms the work and where it is placed continues this contingent trajectory.  It looks for outposts, markers from which to offer glimmers of new entanglements.

It questions the border. It looks for democracy.

It may be fleeting, individual work on paper, print or projection, existing autonomously or collaboratively within its own unique ecosystem.

After gaining a BA(1st class)Hons Fine Art at Central Saint Martins College of Art and Design and MA (Print) from The Royal College of Art in 2019, opportunities to grow a practice continue, including exhibitions, residencies, artist talks, writing and collaborating.

Caroline has a previous background in both contemporary dance and physical therapy, and this intimate knowledge of the interconnectedness between body and mind influence the decision making within her practice. 


Based in London.


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