Caroline AreskogJones' developing ecology of practice is research led, rhizomatic and focused on our contemporary human interaction of being in the non-human world. With a particular concern for the evolving environmental crisis her work explores altered states of impermanence, mutability, adaptation, stale time and the spaces inbetween. The intertidal zone affected by ebb and flow, back and forth, deposition and erosion.


By resisting categorization the responses avoid dominant hierarchies, seen as virtual nets that restrict freedom of thought, and an awareness of the entanglements of history, direct experience and new materialism are carefully considered.


Each project, like geological strata underlying the surface, is packed with layers of investigation. Starting from a point of stillness, breath and observation inspired by a text, question or situation, the process of drawing and erasure allow the haptic (touch) and the optic (sight) possibilities to unfold. A speculative body of work develops, incorporating elements of physical practice including print methodologies, moving image and sensory ethnography. It adapts to its environment when sited, each component existing autonomously or as part of its own community. 

After gaining a BA(1st class)Hons Fine Art at Central Saint Martins College of Art and Design and MA (Print) from The Royal College of Art, opportunities to grow a practice continue, including exhibitions, residencies, artist talks and writing.

Caroline has a background in both contemporary dance and physical therapy, and this intimate knowledge of the interconnectedness between body and mind are equally important to her practice. Based in London an inherent Scandinavian sensibility and connection to the land provides a vital balance.


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