I am interested in negotiating the complexities that exist within, around and between the gaps of an idea. Hard to define and articulate; the place of overlap, the grey area, the place of growth and unexpected discovery. Something fragile and hard to hold. By resisting categorization the work avoids dominant hierarchies, seen as virtual nets that restrict freedom of thought.

I look for a tension that exists between historical archive and contemporary debate and investigate this state of uncertainty. Through research gathering and transforming materials, I attempt to articulate something hard to understand - to elicit a shift of perspective.

What unfolds is a speculative, iterative body of work with a nonlinear narrative, shape-shifting and adapting to situated environments, where the surrounding space itself has equal importance to the work. It demands an active engagement from the viewer, where the inclusion of elements may be considered to be rhizomatic.


‘Fragments’ of printed matter, objects, drawing or moving image exist on their own or as part of a wider ecology of practice, becoming propogated or diversified through time. 

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