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PADA residency

Delighted to have been selected to join PADA residency in Lisbon, Portugal for 2023 

May 2023

this has travelled through the night to you

Delighted to have been invited to contribute towards the next 'millimetre' platform as part of Kingsgate Project Space : an ecology of curatorial practice, collision and reflection responding to Bruno Latour's 'Critical Zones' and Lovelock and Margulis' 'Gaia Theory', its recognition of small actions coalescing to form a wider, collaborative response.

January 2023

tonight rain ::: tomorrow mud

Following live sonic responses onsite at FILET in November with composer/musician Oskar Jones , audio and visual capture are now available to view on you tube and bandcamp

November 2022

tonight rain : tomorrow mud

Forthcoming solo show at FILET space curated with Jaimie George

November 2022

Depth and Surface

Delighted that 'Landmark' has been selected for inclusion in the Printmakers Council Exhibition in Norwich.


etching and monoprint on zerkall

28 x 35 cm

unique print 2022

November 2022

Woolwich Contemporary Print Fair

Delighted to have work 'Dead Pool' selected for inclusion in this annual print fair

Venue : The Fireworks Factory, Royal Arsenal, SE18 6HD

WCPF22 : 03 - 06 November 2022 

October 2022

Habitats and Heritage Secret Art Sale

Delighted to have been asked to contribute works once again for this organisation raising funds for local environmental concerns

hope and sorrow

ink and collage 

18 x 20 

September 2022


I am delighted to have been invited to contribute a presentation on the theme of my written piece 'touching visions: speculative imaginaries' to this International Print Symposium. 

Alongside the conversation I shall be showing works in a solo space entitled 'Patina of Govenance'

patina of governance


etching, gouache, graphite on zerkall

100 x 50 cm

August 2022

Collaborative Workshop : Exploring Practice

Working alongside International composer Francesca Lehohe and Director Joseph Lynch from Babel Theatre Company a forthcoming workshop of collaborative exploration to discover places of overlap between artistic practices of music: theatrical practice: movement and printed matter. 

August 2022


I am delighted to be spending 2 weeks in this unique environment to research and make new work

May 2022

JOYA : AIR - arte + ecologica

I am very much looking forward to taking up a place with the Joya : Artist in Residence Scheme.

“Joya: AiR is a not for profit arts residency based in Andalucia, Spain which has been developed by artists for artists of every conceivable discipline.  Joya: AiR not only a unique, stimulating and contemplative environment for international artists and writers, but a meeting point for divergent and creative thinking. This is a multi-disciplinary residency, self determined, critical and profoundly engaging.”

February 2022

The boughs of a soul

Delighted to have artwork chosen for the debut EP of Oskar Jones entitled 'The boughs of a soul'. Featuring 5 original tracks of improvisational piano music by this talented emerging musician/composer.

December 2021

' Touching Visions : Speculative Imaginaries ' article

Short article published in Venti Journal responding to the question : 'How do we feel the air? How does the air feel us?'

Click on link to read 

November 2021

Woolwich Contemporary Print Fair : Panellist Pick

Very grateful for Ben Luke, art critic with both Art Newspaper and Evening Standard for selecting 'Cascade' amongst his top pick prints from Woolwich Contemporary Print Fair 2021. 


etching and gouache on blue paper

November 2021

World of Light

Delighted that 'Sounding Line' has been selected for inclusion in the exhibition 'World of Light' organised and based at the Auckland University of Technology, New Zealand.  

I was due to give an 'artist talk' about the work as part of the symposium in November but due to Covid the event in its entirity has been postponed until 2022.

November 2021

Woolwich Print Fair, London

Delighted to have 3 works accepted for inclusion in this annual print fair


etching and gouache on Zerkall : unique print

20 x 30 cm

November 2021

Hospitalfield Interdisciplinary Residency

Following postponement due to Covid19 I was finally able to participate in the Interdisciplinary Artist Residency at Hospitalfield, Arbroath.

Printmakers Council invited me to write an overview of the experience , now available to view online - see link below

November 2021

Nature and Culture International Poetry Film Festival, Denmark

Delighted that 'Sounding Line' has been selected for inclusion in the forthcoming film festival to be screened in November at Kulturhuset Islands Brygge, Copenhagen, Denmark.

October 2021

Nature Inspired

A number of works from 'Discovery of Honey' have been selected for inclusion in 'Nature Inspired' an online exhibiton with Through Objects

September 2021

Awagami Print Exhibition, Japan

Delighted to have work included in this annual print exhibition


lithograph and pen on shoji paper : unique print

21 x 30 cm

May 2021

Natural World : Printmakers Council

Participation in online exhibition 'Natural World' with Printmakers Council


suminagashi and monoprint on distressed shoji

50 x 50 cm furled : 150 x 50 cm unfurled

April 2021

Spiritual Exercises II

For this revised version of 'Spiritual Exercises' curated by Mark Dean, artists were invited to collaborate as a form of conversation.

Working with artist Maria Chevska a series of collaborative drawings evolved in response to our online conversations.

March 2021

Montreal Independent Short Film Festival

Delighted that 'Sounding Line' has been officially selected to be included in the Montreal Independent Short Film Festival 2021, being included in the monthly newsletter within the experimental environmental film category.

November 2020


Delighted to have 'All that is air' included in the latest forthcoming project for @muck____ (must use critical knowledge) described as :


"a fledgling space currently existing online that supports and promotes text dedicated

to untangling hegemonic knowledge claims"

October 2020


Delighted to participate in 'Breathworks' a collaborative digital project curated by Lucy Sabin and shown at The Museum of Modern Art , Oxford 

September 2020


@seafilm scarborough



delighted that 'Full Fathom V' is to be part of this collective of short films gathered to reflect our varying relationship to the sea - film maker interviews, zine and collaborative work all available to view online for 7 days

May 2020



Works selected for inclusion in this online exhibition

landscape : birch fragment, plaster, loom paddles 30 x 30 x 30 cm

May 2020



Exhibition online through IGTV showcasing moving image works concerned with climate crisis particularly within aqueous territories - 'Full Fathom V' available to view as part of the collective screening.

April 2020

IMPACT Printmaking Journal 

Spring 2020 Issue

"Print is a compelling way of thinking and making. Beyond the factors that are often celebrated in print – the indexical transference of ink onto paper, multiplication and repetition, social commentary, ease of availability – print has often been defined by its partnership with technology. In terms of technology, we at the Centre for Fine Print Research are greatly interested in the harnessing of technology to aid and adapt what can be done." WuonGean Editor

Published by the UWE Centre for Fine Print Research

Point of View Article 'En utpost mot havet : An outpost against the sea' is now available to read and view online.

February 2020

Signature Art Prize : Finalist

Red Haze selected as finalist in the Print Category for the Signature Art Prize - work to be included in the exhibition at Bankside Hotel, London for the launch on February 13th 2020

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