may 2021

watermelon snow

An artist book publication in development

may 2021


A collaborative publication in progress 

April 2021

Spiritual Exercises II

For this revised version of 'Spiritual Exercises' curated by Mark Dean, artists were invited to collaborate as a form of conversation.

Working with artist Maria Chevska a series of collaborative drawings evolved in response to our online conversations.

March 2021

Montreal Independent Short Film Festival

Delighted that 'Sounding Line' has been officially selected to be included in the Montreal Independent Short Film Festival 2021, being included in the monthly newsletter within the experimental environmental film category.

March 2021

Arbroath Correspondence School

Continuing an involvement in a series of 'slow time' collaborations, 'Arbroath Correspondence School' has been organised by Hospitalfield.

 I look forward to taking up a postponed residency place later in 2021.

February 2021

Strange Days

During lockdown I have been involved in three collaborative projects -  the first, a postal mail contribution to one of  five leporello books sent to a community of artists by Bury Art Museum, here

responding to the title 'Strange Days'.

'...and stranger nights'

foil, graphite and digital print

November 2020


Delighted to have 'All that is air' included in the latest forthcoming project for @muck____ (must use critical knowledge) described as :


"a fledgling space currently existing online that supports and promotes text dedicated

to untangling hegemonic knowledge claims"

October 2020


Delighted to participate in 'Breathworks' a collaborative digital project curated by Lucy Sabin and shown at The Museum of Modern Art , Oxford 

September 2020

Environment Trust Secret Art Sale 2020

Delighted to have donated a piece of work for the secret art sale

September 26th - 30th 

September 2020


@seafilm scarborough



delighted that 'Full Fathom V' is to be part of this collective of short films gathered to reflect our varying relationship to the sea - film maker interviews, zine and collaborative work all available to view online for 7 days

July 2020

Trinity Buoy Wharf Drawing Prize 2020

Delighted to have  'Breath' included in the Longlisted selection 

detail : Breath : graphite and erasure

June 2020

 The Vegetate Project

A postal exhibition curated by Anna Souter with each artist responding to individual, handwritten texts based on the ecological  

Available to view @the_vegetate_project  on instagram

" There is a tall tree in my ear...."

digital drawing

10 x 15 cm

May 2020


arts chaplaincy projects , UAL

'Along the Yellow Road' moving image work shall be available to view within this online exhibition curated by Mark Dean. A collection of reflections on longing at this time of lockdown.

May 2020



Works selected for inclusion in this online exhibition

landscape : birch fragment, plaster, loom paddles 30 x 30 x 30 cm

May 2020



Exhibition online through IGTV showcasing moving image works concerned with climate crisis particularly within aqueous territories - 'Full Fathom V' available to view as part of the collective screening.

April 2020


@Printmakers Council 

Featured Artist in Focus

for 2 weeks including a variety of images, prints, drawings created since receiving the Sheila Shloss Award from PMC for lithograph 'Red Haze' shown at MA Print Show for Royal College of Art 2019.

April 2020

IMPACT Printmaking Journal 

Spring 2020 Issue

"Print is a compelling way of thinking and making. Beyond the factors that are often celebrated in print – the indexical transference of ink onto paper, multiplication and repetition, social commentary, ease of availability – print has often been defined by its partnership with technology. In terms of technology, we at the Centre for Fine Print Research are greatly interested in the harnessing of technology to aid and adapt what can be done." WuonGean Editor

Published by the UWE Centre for Fine Print Research

Point of View Article 'En utpost mot havet : An outpost against the sea' is now available to read and view online.

February 2020

Signature Art Prize : Finalist

Red Haze selected as finalist in the Print Category for the Signature Art Prize - work to be included in the exhibition at Bankside Hotel, London for the launch on February 13th 2020

November 2019

The Fragile Ocean

Interdisciplinary exhibition including responses of artists, scientists and researchers who have sailed aboard Sail Britain's yacht over their 2019 research residency programme.

St John's Church

Bethnal Green


Awash : graphite drawing : detail

21st - 24th November 2019

November 2019

The Next Thing Moving Image Award, FINALIST

Bury Art Museum and Sculpture Centre,

Moss Road,



Along the Yellow Road  : a digital weave

9th November 2019 - 25th January 2020

November 2019

The Scaffold 

Folium Publishing

featured artist 

Edition of 150

launching November 24th 2019

October 2019

RE  : Bermondsey Artist Group

Southwark Park Galleries, 

1 Park Approach, Southwark Park,

London SE16 2UA

conductor, archival digital print (sold)

Preview (All welcome): Sunday October 6th:  3-6pm

10th October - 3rd November 2019

Wednesday – Sunday

11am – 4pm

October 2019

Land, Sea, Sky

Printmakers Council

Ropewalk Gallery, 

Barton Upon Humber

detail : between the stones of the past and the windows of the future, lithograph

October 26th - December 1st 2019

September 2019

Wild Island Residency

Scottish Hebrides : Sail Britain

A week spent exploring, discovering and discussing wild islands and their environmental significance from the direct perspective of the sea with Sail Britain, fellow artists and art historians. Exhibition details to follow in London November 2019.

July 2019

Sheila Shloss Award

Printmakers Council

Delighted to have been recognised by The Printmakers Council, London during RCA Show 2019 

red haze, lithograph


June 2019

RCA Show 2019 : PRINT 

Battersea Campus : Dyson Building : 1st floor

Royal College of Art

Hester Road


29th June - 7th July

12.00 - 6.00pm daily

April 2019

no shadows


Dyson Building

Royal College of Art


Installation in opposing showcases with artist Jasmine Pajdak,, curated by Ella Bellenky and Theresa Chu.

February 2019

Merz II

Courtyard Gallery

Royal College of Art

Curated by Veronika Neukirch responding to Merz Barn Residency Programme

February 2019


Fieldwork is an attempt to create a narrative that unfolds by connecting fragments of time, place and structure inspired by the Ancient Egyptian collections at The British Museum, London.

Its aim is to raise questions concerning how artefacts from a past era exist in today’s context.

Forms part of the MA Print Collection Archive at The Royal College of Art

February 2019

eyes of many kinds

CGP London 

February 22nd, 23rd. 24th 

Gallery Open 11.00 - 4.00 pm 

Eyes of Many Kinds is the first of two collaborations with the Royal College of Art and continues a long-standing partnership between CGP London and the RCA Print Department. This annual exhibition features students of the second year MA programme and offers an exciting showcase with a broad interpretation of printmaking today.

Exhibiting artists: Merle Luhaar / Brad Hamlin, Ying Yu / Jun Wang / Chen Winner / Joanie Lamb / Dieter Ashton / Devante Ferguson / Dafni Anthanasopoulou / Caroline Areskog-Jones / Ella Belenky / Ellie Wyatt / Il Kwon Yoon / Lucy Hutchinson / Ruta Grigaite / Jojo / Onjung Kim / Richard Rawlins / Natalie Turner / Lea Dalissier